About us

-DJT (deutscher jagdterrier) kennel "PRNJAVORSKA" FCI 3607 was official founded 1996 but love for terriers has been existing since my childhood. My first dog I have got from my grandfather. He brought me to my first hunt and planted me love for jagdterriers. Serious work with jagdterriers has begun in my highschool time when I met Petrovic Vanja, my best friend now. He has given me my first lady dog with pedigree (Od Negotinske Bona). She was extremely hardy and precise female, but my inexperience and inadequate choices of male terriers was led to only one champion in work (Chico Prnjavorski). At that time my brother (Branimir Aleksic - Bane) joined me at my work with dogs.

-Second right move was buying female Beta-Bo from Ivanovic Milutin - Sule from Krusevac. She was being recognized as very hard and spoorloud female. I have taken her at three matches and she won 1xRCACIT, 2x I prizes but unfortunely she died when got puppies with Graff sa Sirijusa. But good thing was a friendship with Graff's owner Kuzmanovic Goran, a great friend and man with excellent knowledge about jagdterriers without "our" kennel wouldn't be succesfull as it's now. We have raised Beta-Bo's 4 puppies from which one male and female of extremly hardness have died during hunting. Also one female has become working champion (Dule Prnjavorska).

Milli Prnjavorska

mili prnjavorska

-After Beta-Bo we started to look for a female to replace her. I have got an information from Goran that the two hardest female, at this time, were Fe vom Asstraata and Illa od Tamane. We bought Fe vom Asstraata at first but she was very old and after breeding with Graff sa Sirijusa we have only one puppy (Fox Prnjavorski). Fe died soon after that.

-Than we bought Illa od Tamane. She had troubles to maintain puppies alive becouse of bacteriums in milk. We cured her and after breeding with Komo vom Werratal we got suprime breed (two working champions - Milly and Marko Prnjavorski and one very good hunting female - Miska Prnjavorska).

-At matches that we had in Hungary, Bane and Goran have noticed a work of Jakko vom Strutzberg and we got an idea to breed Dule Prnjavorska with him. Jakko vom Strutzberg has passed all exames in Germany, Dr. Lackner's utility examination and he was sold to a buyer from Austria for a great price of 6000 DM. From that breed we raised another working champion (Cato Prnjavorski).

-During a breeding Milly with Dzimi-Zabac we have found that she is not only a suprime working dog but also she is good in transfering high quality genes to her youngs. She gave three working champions (Itan, Illa and Illk Prnjavorski). We also breeded Milly with Cato Prnjavorski and we got extremly good hunting dogs but unfortunaly no one was purchased by competitors but hunters. So I decided to return two females (Zaja and Zeneva Prnjavorska). The third and her best breeding was with Badjo. She gave 5 youngs all with first prizes at breeding examinations and uderground matches. She gave Cegi Prnjavorski CH-T, Caki Prnjavorski CH-T, Cila Prnjavorska 1x CACT (she is stolen), Cili and Cigra Prnjavorska. Cegi is a dog that had 36 matches during three years.

-There are a lot of young dogs in our kennel that have a potencial to become champions and the time will show their quality. I can also say without modest that during the time we always had a dog that was one of three best dogs in Serbia (Dule, Fox, Marko, Milly, Illa and Cegi Prnjavorski). I hope that this tradition will continue with new friends becouse I am a breeder not competitor and without these friends kennel "PRNJAVORSKA" would not be so succsfull. Dog can be born as a winer and he will lead his owner in victories but if dog fall in arms of bad owner dog's quality will not be shown.

-I would like in this occasion to refere to owner of quality working dogs. The only reason why I didn't breed my females with their dogs is incompatibility of genes. Every owner have to be consciousness of bad caracteristics, not only virtues of hisown dogs. If other dogs had same bad caracteristics the breeding will not be succesfull. Deutscher jagdterrier as a breed has many attributes as: spoorloud, nose, stability, contact with owner, not only exterier and hardnes. If we want to be a good breeders we have to select carefully and to corect some little mistakes in next breeding.

-All interested for cooperation can cotact me with e-mail: prnjavorska_sr@yahoo.com or with phone on: +38164/2060939(SMS); 0038137/461053